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All My Independent Women : on art and gender

All My Independent Women (AMIW) is an artistic project rooted in debates about gender issues that aspired to bring to light feminist practices which are underrepresented in the Portuguese context. Carla Cruz initiated it in Portugal, in 2005, as the result of an invitation by Lígia Araão to exhibit at the SMS Gallery, located in the Museum of Archaeology Sociedade Martins Sarmento, Guimarães – Portugal.

The proposal was to create a collective exhibition around the work of artists who problematize ‘gender’ through their practice ; works, which somehow were part of the context of Cruz conceptual art production. The ‘Dicionário de Crítica Feminista’ (edited by Ana Gabriela Macedo e Ana Luísa Amaral and published by Afrontamento) served as a leitmotiv of that exhibition