Woman’s reappearance : rethinking the archive in contemporary art—feminist perspectives
10 juillet 2014, Giovanna Zapperi
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Article paru dans « Woman’s Reappearance. Rethinking the archive in contemporary art : feminist perspectives », Feminist Review, n. 105, November 2013, pp. 21-47.

Abstract :
Recent debates in the field of contemporary art have underlined the political importance of creative reworkings of the past, especially for those subjects that have been traditionally marginalised. A feminist perspective has been nevertheless quite absent from such debates. This article addresses feminist uses of archival documents in the visual arts through the analysis of three works produced in the past two decades : The Fae Richard’s Photo Archive (1997) by Zoe Leonard and Cheryl Dunye, Some Chance Operations (1998) by Rene !e Green and Queen of the Artists’ Studios (2004–2007) by Andrea Geyer.These works share an interest for women’s histories and representations by composing a series of documents (both factual and fictive) into complex narratives where history and subjectivity intersect.

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