Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (Corée) du 27 mai au 3 juin





The 17th SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival


May 27 (Wed) – Jun 3 (Wed), 2015


– Megabox Sinchon 3, 5, 7, M and Arthouse MOMO 1


111 films from 37 countries

Catch Phrase

See the World through Women’s Eyes!


– Screening films dealing with various aspects of life from female points of view
– Non-competitive international film festival with a portion of competition sections


– Introducing recent trends of world women’s films
– Vitalizing interchange between Asian female cineastes and women’s film
festivalsthrough Network of Asian women’s Film Festival(NAWFF)
– Taking a pivotal role in Asia by founding the International Women’s Film Festival Network(IWFFN)
– Promoting development of domestic image industry with production supports
and discovering female talents in Asia
– Securing women’s films’ publicity and communality for continous
communication with audiencess
– Building up new local networks with multiple screening tours
– Spreading female values for arranging festive scenes to jump into new female  culture


SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival





New Currents

The 17th SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival’s ‘New Currents’ presents a total of 32 latest films. These films mark the largest number of premiere screenings ever and also freshen up the festival with their sophistication the SIWFF can only provide. Focusing on the identity of women’s cinema, the New Currents has three features; first, well-made films with popularity and artistic films including winners of the world’s leading international film festivals are evenly lined up;

second, the auteur directors such as Margarethe von TROTTA, Doris DORRIE, Celine SCIAMMA, Paula van der OEST and Ronit ELKABETZ who was the president of the Jury for the International Critics’ Week Section of the 2015 Festival de Cannes, and young directors of Limbo, Heartbeat, Princess, Sworn Virgin harmoniously screen their recent works together; finally the films with various themes and critical aesthetics from women’s points of view show contemporary phenomena such as globallyhappening age problems between the youth and the middle aged, sexual abuses, immigrant issues, patriarchy conventions on gender, official history inseparable from individual history of women, etc.

Considering that these 32 films come from more than 23 countries, the New Currents definitely proves that universal issue on ‘woman’ traversing different identities like race, sexuality, and age across borders and localities is on the rise this year more than the past.


« Je ne suis pas féministe, mais… » de Florence et Sylvie Tissot

Dans le cadre du festival, le 29 mai et le 2 juin sera projeté le documentaire de Florence et Sylvie Tissot sur Christine Delphy, « Je ne suis pas féministe, mais… » : 

‘I’m not feminist, but…’ is an expression used by Christine DELPHY during a TV program with Simone de BEAUVOIR in 1985. This is the ritual sentence numerous women have said one day, because they are afraid of using a stigmatized word, and yet are willing to express a desire for equality. Based on filmed interviews and footages, this documentary is a portrait of a feminist thinker, an activist and founder of the French Women’s liberation movement in 1970. It tells the history of a major figure of French feminism, putting emphasis on past and current struggles in order to achieve equality between men and women.

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