« Ngozi Onwurah: The Forgotten Pioneer Of Black British Film »: A lire sur le site gal-dem

‘The Body Beautiful’ by Ngozi Onwurah. Image via BFI

« What these particular films do is firmly root racist abuses within a specific time and place in history, absolving viewers who exist outside of those times rom considering their own propinquity to the wider historical narrative. Onwurah’s work does not do this. Instead, she continuously draws links, across countries and continents, across time and space, of the expanding effects that colonialism has had on the black diaspora and racism to this day. She blurs fiction with fact, documentary with narrative, and performs a cross-cultural analysis of the deep-rooted scars that colonialism has left on the black diaspora. »

Article à lire sur ce lien: http://www.gal-dem.com/ngozi-onwurah-the-forgotten-pioneer-of-black-british-film/ 

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