Article: « 12 Female Curators and Gallerists on Their Favorite Female Artists » (NY Mag)

« At the start of Women’s History Month last year, the National Museum of Women in the Arts posed a question to their social-media followers: Can you name five women artists? In an attempt to bring the undersung work of women in the visual arts to the surface, the museum (and several others around the country) began telling stories and sharing works from female-identifying artists in their collections. The hope was that by the end of March, hungry art consumers — and total newbies — would be able to name, recognize, and admire female artists besides Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe.

This was all before Donald Trump was elected president and the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts was threatened, and before the national conversation turned urgently to more important priorities. But many people would argue that art in the Trump era — especially art made by threatened, marginalized, or vulnerable populations — is even more important to support now than it has ever been.

Expanding on the NMWA’s #5WomenArtists series, the Cut talked to female curators, gallerists, educators, professors, and students about which female artist has had the greatest impact on them. First up in the ongoing series: curators, gallerists, and museum directors. »

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