« Heather Cassils – The Body As Social Sculpture » à Goldsmiths College (Londres) le 10 novembre

Cassils – The Body As Social Sculpture
Tuesday November 10

Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre
Chair: Gavin Butt

Elaborating on the idea that our bodies are formed in relation to societal expectations, Cassils will discuss two recent works « Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture » and « Becoming An Image, » in relation to current works in progress. In these projects Cassils performs transgender not as a crossing from one sex to another, but rather as a continual becoming, a process oriented way of being in a space of indeterminacy, spasm and slipperiness. Forging a series of powerfully trained bodies for different performative purposes constructs a visual critique and discourse around physical and gender ideologies and histories. Drawing on conceptualism, feminism, body art, gay male aesthetics, and Hollywood cinema, Cassils creates a visual language that is at once emotionally striking and conceptually incisive.

Cassils’ recent exhibitions include solo shows at MU Eindhoven (NL), Trinity Square Video (Toronto) and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts (NYC); screenings at the ICA (London); performances at The National Theater Studio (London) and commissions by Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Pacific Standard Time). Recent writings have appeared in ‘Signs: Journal of Women and Culture and Society’ and in ‘Commerce By Artists’. Cassils is listed by the Huffington Post as one of 10 transgender artists changing the landscape of contemporary art and their works have featured on the covers of multiple journals. Cassils received a MOTHA (Museum of Transgender Hirstory) award in 2013.


Organised by the Department of Visual Cultures




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